Can I Crack IAT If I Start After Board Exams

Can I Crack IAT If I Start After Board Exams?

Are you a class 12th student preparing for board exams and IAT? If yes, then you might be worried about how you will focus on IAT 2024 during your board exams. Worrying about IAT exams and board exams is normal because both are important and are conducted in 3 to 4 months, and are crucial for students dreaming of getting into IISc, IISERs, etc. If you are worried about whether you will be able to crack IAT after boards, this blog will clear your confusion and help you strategize your preparations.

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • How Difficult is the IAT Exam?
  • What Should You Focus on Now?
  • How Do You Prepare for the IAT in 2 Months?

How Difficult is the IAT Exam?

The IAT exam is an entrance test to IISERs, IISc and IIT Madras (only 4 years BS in medical sciences and Engineering). The level of IAT is somewhat above JEE Mains and far below JEE Advanced and NEST. With the coming of IISc and the discontinuation of KVPY, the level of IAT can be said to increase. Although you need not attempt all four sections in IAT, you must focus on all four subjects to get high scores to get your dream college. 

With the increasing interest of students in IISERs and basic sciences, more students are appearing for the exam; hence, the cutoff is also increasing yearly.

What Should You Focus on Now?

Currently, your priority should be on-board exams. A good score in board exams is crucial for your future hence, you must prepare well and pass board exams with good scores. Additionally, a good score on the board exams guarantees an INSPIRE scholarship after you get into college. 

If you were already preparing for the IAT before boards, you can revise everything through these exams. However, if you haven’t started your IAT preparation, you must not try to prepare for IAT now. Prepare well for your board exams; after your exams are over, start preparing for IAT 2024. The board exams for 2024 will end in April, and IAT 2024 is expected to be conducted in June. Hence, you get 2 months to prepare for the IAT 2024.

How Do You Prepare for the IAT in 2 Months?

If you are starting your preparation after board exams, you need to be rigorous in your preparations. 2 months might not be sufficient for preparing, but it is not impossible to score good marks in this short period. However, we assume you know your syllabus and have gone through almost every topic during your board exams. Here are a few tips you can adopt while preparing for IAT 2024:

  • Know your syllabus well. You can join our crash course Vikram and Vikram 2.0 and revise the whole syllabus in a short time. You will get to know what your weak points are and what topics you need to study more.
  • Keep weekends for revision. Revise whatever you learned throughout the weekend.
  • Give a few hours daily to study the fourth subject- Maths/Biology. You need not to study every topic thoroughly. Just go through the main topics. 
  • Increase the frequency of attempting mock tests as your exam approaches. Analyse your mocks thoroughly.
  • Solve PYQs and problems, mainly topics that are difficult for you. Click here to check out the free material.
  • Maintain a diary of your mistakes in mock tests and problem practices. Keep revising it to know ‘what not to do’.
  • Do not waste your time on unnecessary things. Prepare a timetable and stick to that. You can take advice from our mentors on how to do so. These two months will be crucial for you, and you must not waste them.
  • Give ample rest to your body and mind, eat healthy, and sleep well. 
  • Lastly, you can smoothen your preparation and strengthen your confidence by joining SciAstra courses. We provide sufficient materials like PYQs, Mock Tests, notes for the important topics in all 4 subjects, lectures, and, most importantly, one-to-one mentorship to each and every student.

If you want to know how to manage entrance exam preparation along with boards, check out this blog.


With the correct guidance, hard work and dedication, you can clear your IAT in 2 months. Though it may seem difficult, our students have done so in previous years. You should not worry about being from PCB or PCM stream, if you give even one hour daily to the fourth subject you will easily ace the exam. So, prepare well for your boards now and then start your IAT 2024 preparations. We wish you all the best!


Q: How difficult is the IAT exam compared to other entrance exams like JEE Mains and JEE Advanced?

A: The IAT exam is somewhat above JEE Mains but far below JEE Advanced and NEST in terms of difficulty. It is an entrance test for prestigious institutions like IISERs, IISc, and IIT Madras.

Q: What should be my focus right now if I’m a class 12th student preparing for board exams and IAT?

A: Your priority should be on-board exams currently. A good score in board exams is crucial for your future and guarantees an INSPIRE scholarship after college admission.

Q: Which is the best IISER for physics, chemistry and mathematics?

A: IISER Kolkata and Pune are the best for physics, and chemistry while IISER Mohali, Pune are the best known for Maths.

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