Guaranteed Strategy to get IISC, IISER, NISER

Guaranteed Strategy to get IISC, IISER & NISER

Are you preparing for IAT and NEST 2024? Some students are already on their study journey, while others might be worried about having a lot to catch up on. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

Here are Some frequently asked questions: How to handle the backlog? What’s the best way to study? And is SCIASTRA offering any free help?

The answer is a big “YES.” SCIASTRA  has your back with over 20 free practice tests for exams like the IISER Aptitude Test, NEST , KVPY, ISI, CMI, ICAR and more. These tests are made to help you without costing anything.

Whether you’re on top of your studies or trying to catch up, SCIASTRA  is here for you. It gives you lots of resources to light your way to success. 

Getting Ready for IAT and NEST 2024? Here’s Your Roadmap:-

1. Understanding Exam Patterns: Begin by comprehending the exam patterns. It’s crucial to gauge the question levels, so you have a clear target.

2. Free Study Material: Check out the free study materials in the SciAstra app. We have PDFs that explain the important stuff from NEST 2023 and IAT 2023 in an easy way. The cool thing is, Our predictions are up to 98% accurate! Sometimes, the questions we predict even show up word-for-word. We’ve had questions repeated in the actual exams, especially in Physics. In one NEST session, more than 50 marks came from what we taught in our mock tests and classrooms. Take advantage of IAT 2023’s essential chapters. And guess what? You can also find previous years’ papers for NEST, IAT, and KVPY in the free study materials section of the SciAstra app.

3. Mock Test Analysis: Analyzing your mock tests is one of the most crucial aspects of your preparation. Simply taking tests and solving practice problems isn’t enough; you need to learn from them. The insights and strategies are available as free resources in the SCIASTRA  app to help you on your journey. 

4. Preparing for IAT and NEST 2024:  Now, let’s talk about how to prepare for IAT and NEST 2024 starting from today.

Step 1: Strengthen your understanding of fundamental concepts and theories. You have a year to do this, so take your time.

Step 2: Don’t just focus on theory; regularly practice solving questions. This will help you apply your knowledge and ensure you’re on the right track.

  • Common Mistake to Avoid: Many students neglect theory and concepts throughout the year and only cram before exams. This approach leads to panic when exams like JEE, NEET, IAT , NEST, ISI, and CMI all happen simultaneously in March, April, and May.
  • Solution: Practice questions consistently using the question-to-theory approach. This approach means studying theory, understanding concepts, and then tackling questions throughout the year. It’s a more effective way to prepare.

5. Diary of Mistakes. Create a diary where you diligently record errors in mock tests and while solving previous year’s papers. It’s crucial not to rely on your memory, as come January-February, you may struggle to recall what you’ve learned throughout the year.

Here’s how it works: 

  • After each mock test or paper, document all the mistakes you made. 
  • Organize them under the relevant chapters. For instance, if you made mistakes in mock test 1, record them there.
  • When you move on to mock test 2, start by reviewing all the mistakes from mock test 1. 
  • This ensures you don’t repeat those errors. Repeat this process for subsequent mock tests, adding new mistakes while revisiting the ones from previous tests. 
  • Consistently maintaining this diary will help you identify and rectify your weaknesses effectively.

6. Approach: If you’re worried about not knowing theory well or having unclear concepts, here’s the solution: Stick to the question-to-theory approach all year long. Begin with theory and understanding concepts, then dive into question-solving.

Towards the end of the year, we’ll introduce crash courses and free mock tests for VIKRAM 2.0, VIKRAM and HOMI batch students, where we’ll emphasize the question-to-theory approach. 

We’ve got your back with study materials already provided to VIKRAM 2.0, VIKRAM and HOMI batch students. 

After each chapter, you’ll find:

  • Level 1 exercises to build your basic understanding and, 
  • Level 2 exercises that show you which questions have appeared from that chapter in previous years.

While theory is important, focusing on question-solving matters even more, as exams test your application of knowledge. With a year ahead, dedicate time after each chapter to solve related questions, including previous years’ questions. This consistent practice is your path to success.

7. Never Skip Revision: Last important point is revision. Under whatever conditions, remember revision. Because if you revise, you will remember whatever you study for the whole year. Without it, your year-long effort might go to waste.

These guidelines are valuable whether or not you decide to enroll in Sciatra’s courses. Regardless of where you’re currently studying, we strongly recommend following these strategies to boost your preparation.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • VIKRAM & VIKRAM 2.0 batches, designed for class 12th students and droppers.
  • HOMI batch, tailored for class 11th students.
  • CUET batch/course.
  • ISI and CMI courses.

These courses encompass comprehensive resources and support to enhance your preparation and help you succeed.

At SCIASTRA, we guide students who want to become scientists and pursue research by helping them secure admissions in the top colleges for the same like IISER NISER, CEBS, ICAR, CMI, etc.

Our mentors are from the top research institutes like IISERNISERIACSCMIISIIISC Bangalore, and so on. If you are looking to prepare for IAT / NEST 2024, you can check out our courses and get access to live classes, recorded lectures, study material, mock tests, doubt-clearing classes, and much more!

To know more about us, click here OR download the SciAstra App from Play Store!

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