What after NISER: Placements after NISER

What After NISER: Placement After NISER

Are you a Class 12th student with a keen interest in the sciences? Have you heard about the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) and wondered what lies ahead after completing your education there? If yes, this article is for you. Here, we will explain the various opportunities and pathways that are available to a National Institute of Science Education and Research student. Many students have queries regarding placements and research opportunities. Here, we will provide you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your future.

Table of Contents:-

  1. What is NISER and its Significance?
  2. Is there any Placement Cell In NISER?
  3. What are the research opportunities?
  4. Can I become a Scientist?
  5. How to get a Ph.D.?
  6. What about Industrial Jobs?
  7. Association with DRDO
  8. International Opportunities
  9. Civil Services and MBA
  10. Packages

1. What is NISER and its Significance?

NISER, short for the National Institute of Science Education and Research, is an autonomous institute in India that offers integrated five-year programs in various fields of science. With a focus on research and innovation, National Institute of Science Education and Research aims to nurture the scientific curiosity and talent of its students. Established in 2007, National Institute of Science Education and Research has quickly gained recognition as a premier institution for science education in the country.

2. Is There Any Placement Cell In NISER?

After completing their studies at NISER, students have a wide range of placement opportunities available to them. The institute has a dedicated placement cell that facilitates connections between students and potential employers. This placement cell was established in 2021. While National Institute of Science Education and Research does not conduct traditional campus placements like engineering or management institutes, it provides ample support and guidance to students seeking employment or further education.

Internships play a crucial role in shaping the career prospects of National Institute of Science Education and Research students. These internships, both within India and abroad, provide valuable hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge research. They also serve as a stepping stone to securing future job offers or admission to prestigious research institutes.

To further enhance their employability, NISER students are encouraged to participate in various workshops, seminars, and industry interactions throughout their academic journey. These activities not only broaden their knowledge but also enable them to develop essential skills and build professional networks.

3. What Are The Research Options After NISER?

Research is at the core of NISER’s mission, and the institute offers numerous opportunities for students to pursue their scientific interests. Upon graduation, students can choose to undertake research projects in collaboration with esteemed faculty members or pursue higher studies in renowned research institutions both in India and abroad.

National Institute of Science Education and Research has made strong ties with international universities and research organizations. This helps students in applying to international universities after their graduation for higher studies.  A NISER student has a better chance of securing fellowships, scholarships, and exchange programs as compared to students from other state universities.

4. Can I Become A Scientist After NISER?

Most of the students graduating from NISER become a Scientist. NISER students are actively recruited by the government agencies like BARC and DRDO. One can also look for reputed organizations like NASA and ISRO. However, many times, students need to complete their Ph.D. 

5. How To Get A Ph.D. After NISER?

Most of the students choose to do a Ph.D. after graduation. The National Institute of Science Education and Research prepares students well for a great PhD position both in India and Abroad. 

There are two things that help National Institute of Science Education and Research students secure a better PhD position than other normal colleges. First of all, this is an institute of national importance, and hence, it has a great reputation both in India and Abroad. The second thing is that the faculties at NISER have good connections, and their recommendation has great value.

PhD positions secured by NISER students are not limited to just India but also abroad. Many graduates have secured positions in well-reputed institutes such as MIT, Harvard, Oxford, Max Planck, etc. Stipends offered in these countries range between 10 lakh INR to 50 lakh INR.

6. What About Industrial Jobs?

While NISER’s focus is primarily on research and academia, the institute recognises the importance of bridging the gap between academia and the corporate world. To facilitate this transition, National Institute of Science Education and Research has been actively establishing collaborations with industry partners and organizing placement drives.

Companies from various sectors, including IT, pharmaceuticals, and data science, actively recruit NISER graduates. Industrial jobs are less popular.

7. What is the NISER’s Association with DRDO?

Are you a patriot who wants to contribute your knowledge of science to the development of national defense? If yes, then NISER is one of the best places for you. This institute has an association with DRDO. DRDO is a prominent organization in the Indian government, responsible for developing cutting-edge technologies to strengthen the nation’s defense capabilities.

NISER students have unique opportunities to contribute to defense research through internships, research projects, and collaborations with DRDO. This association not only provides students with a chance to work on critical defense projects but also opens doors to future employment within DRDO and other defense-related organizations.

8. What Are The International Opportunities?

NISER encourages its students to explore international opportunities and gain a global perspective on scientific research. The institute actively collaborates with international universities, research institutions, and organizations to facilitate exchange programs, joint research projects, and academic partnerships.

Through these collaborations, National Institute of Science Education and Research students can undertake short-term or long-term research internships abroad. This helps students explore different research experiences and use state-of-the-art facilities of not just their own institution but institutes from all across the globe. 

9. Civil Services And MBA Option

While research and industry placements dominate the career choices of National Institute of Science Education and Research graduates, some students opt for a less conventional path by pursuing a career in civil services. The civil services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) offers opportunities to serve the nation in various administrative roles.

Students can also exit the research sector by appearing for exams like the CAT and pursuing an MBA.

10. What Are The Packages Offered?

The packages offered to the students differ based on what path they take. Below is a table containing information on the average amount that a NISER student can expect. Note that these figures are estimates and are based on the data collected from the alumnus.

Type of Package The Range of packages offered
PhD Stipend Varies based on country and institute.
– United Kingdom: £18,662 or INR 19.36 Lakhs per year.
– Denmark: INR 51.67 Lakhs per year.
– Norway: INR 49.75 Lakhs per year.
– United States: $15,000 to $30,000 or INR 12.5 to 25 Lakhs per year.
– India: INR 31,000 to 37,000 per month.
Postdoc Stipend – Abroad: INR 3-5 Lakhs per month.
– India: INR 57,000 to 74,000 per month.
Research Scientist (After PhD) – India: INR 7.8 Lakhs per annum.
– U.S. and Canada: Around INR 98.5 Lakhs per annum.
MBA Salary INR 20-25 Lakhs per annum.
Government Jobs – BARC (Scientific Officer): Starting salary of around INR 1 Lakh per month.
– DRDO (Scientific Officer): Average salary of INR 1 Lakh per month upon entry.
– ISRO: Starting salary of 85k to 1 Lac per month.
Teaching and Coaching Starting salary varies from 40k to 1 Lac per month. No upper limit.


In conclusion, NISER offers many opportunities for students who are passionate about science and research. Although IITs are a better choice if you aim for high starting salaries, NISER is the place for science enthusiasts. From placements and internships to research collaborations and international experiences, National Institute of Science Education and Research equips its students with the skills, knowledge, and support needed to excel in research rather than corporate jobs. Whether you aspire to become a scientist, pursue a PhD, work in the industry, or make a difference in civil services, NISER provides a solid foundation for your journey. Academia and industry remain popular choices for NISER graduates. NISER fosters an environment that encourages innovation and creativity, providing students with the necessary skills and support to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. 


  • How do I get into NISER?

NISER conducts a national-level exam called NEST. NEST is a national-level Computer-based Test comprising questions from physics, chemistry, biology, and math. At SciAstra, we offer the best courses that prepare you for NEST. We have 100+ selections in NISER. Click here to know more.

  • What are the job opportunities after NISER?

National Institute of Science Education and Research students mostly opt for a PhD rather than a job. However, several industrial job options are available after graduation. Government jobs as Scientists in organizations like DRDO and BARC are also good options.

  • Can I get into ISRO and NASA after NISER?

It is very competitive to get into NASA or ISRO, but National Institute of Science Education and Research students have an edge over other aspirants due to its reputation.

  • What are the perks of being a NISER student?

NISER is an institute of national importance and has world-class facilities. Also, the students at NISER get DISHA and INSPIRE scholarships worth 60k to 80k per annum, with an additional grant of 20k for summer internships.

  • Is there any placement cell in NISER?

Yes. A student placement cell was established in NISER in 2021.

  • What is an Integrated M.Sc. Course?

Integrated M.Sc. is a five-year course. You will get an M.Sc. degree after completing the course.

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