Profile Building for Research
Profile Building involves 2 steps:

Step 1- Basic understanding of how research & scientific writing works

Step 2- Personal Mentorship to publish a review/research article.

Step 1: Scientific Writing Workshop
Doing science is like a chain of these 3 components:

Identifying The Problem


Researching The Problem


Communicating The Results

All great ideas that are born into this world are only changed into reality when they are researched about! Scientific writing is an assured method of communicating your ideas and knowledge to the rest of the world. Without steps 1, 2 and most importantly step 3, the rest of the world may not notice your next great idea!

Scientific writing is the foundation of any budding scientist’s research career and an essential skill that seems to be lacking from students’ skill sets! But worry not, SciAstra is here for you!

What Do You Get?

SciAstra brings to you a highly customised and a carefully curated Scientific Writing Workshop with the assured guarantee of making you an adept scientific writer at the end of four weeks!

We will cover everything!

How to write conclusion


Tools & softwares


How to write abstract


How to write results & discussion


How to write materials, methods & Analyse them


How to write introduction of a paper


Literature Review for Scientific Papers


Grammar & Vocabulary mistakes to avoid


Searching & evaluating the topic of research


Introduction to scientific writing

Workshop Details:

Total Duration: 4 weeks

Mode: Live classes on google meet with recordings

Class: Live classes on Saturday & Sunday each 2 hours (2 classes per week)

Materials: Study materials, class notes

Additional: Assignments & real world case study on research papers

Doubt Clearing Classes

Additional Benefits:

Certificate from SciAstra

Guidance on how to write emails for Internships

learn how to make a CV

List of scholarships for fully funded internships

Scientific Writing Workshop
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₹ 2000
₹ 1499 25% OFF

NOTE: There is no prerequisite for enrolling on this workshop

Step 2: Personal Mentorship

NOTE: Once you finish the foundation workshop on scientific writing, you can choose a specific topic of your interest.

We expect that the student is very passionate about that topic and learning how to write a review paper or a research paper on it.

SciAstra will connect you to a Domain expert mentor
What you get:

Top Mentor from Premier Research Institute

One-to-one live classes

Customised guidance for the student

Complete support from literature survey to publishing the review or research paper

Extra benefits

Letter of Recommendation from Mentor

Certificate from SciAstra

Typical Duration: 10 - 12 months
Price: Please contact us for the price details & any assistance you need.

NOTE: The cost associated with journal or publication will be borne by the student. Our aim is to provide you with expert guidance and support in this process.

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