How Can I Become ISI in India? A Guide to ISI Exam Preparation

The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is one of the most prestigious institutions in India, offering a range of programs in statistics, mathematics, computer science, and other related fields. Admission to these programs is highly competitive and requires clearing the ISI entrance exam.

 In this blog post, we will discuss how to become an ISI in India, and the steps you can take to prepare for the ISI exam.


What is ISI Entrance Exam?

The ISI entrance exam is a national-level examination conducted by the Indian Statistical Institute to select students for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Furthermore, the exam consists of multiple-choice questions and tests the candidate’s knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. The exam is conducted in two stages: the first stage is the written test, and the second stage is an interview.


ISI Exam Eligibility

Before we discuss the preparation strategy for the ISI exam, let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria:


For B.Math (Hons) and B.Stat (Hons): 

Candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examinations with mathematics and English as subjects.

For M.Math, M.Stat, MS (QE), and MS (LIS): 

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics or a BE/B.Tech degree with mathematics as a subject.


Preparation Strategy for ISI Exam

Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for the ISI exam:


  • Start Early: 

It’s important to start your preparation early, as the ISI exam is highly competitive, and you need to cover a vast syllabus.


  • Understand the Syllabus: 

Make sure you understand the exam syllabus thoroughly. Refer to the official ISI website to get a detailed syllabus for the exam.


  • Pick the Suitable Study Material: 

Select the appropriate exam preparation material. There are many books available in the market that cover the ISI exam syllabus. 


  • Practice Mock Tests: 

Practice as many mock tests as possible to get a feel of the exam pattern and to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Online ISI preparation mock tests are also available, which can be taken from the comfort of your home.


  • Focus on Time Management: 

Time management is crucial for the ISI exam. Make sure you practice solving questions within a stipulated time frame.


  • Revise Regularly: 

Regularly review the concepts to keep them fresh in your mind. This will help you retain the information for a longer time.


  • Join ISI Preparation Classes: 

Joining an ISI preparation class can help you get expert guidance from experienced teachers who can help you understand the concepts better. They can also provide you with additional study material and solve your doubts.


  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers: 

Solving previous year’s question papers is an essential part of your preparation strategy. It gives you an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam and helps you practice time management.


  • Stay Updated with Current Affairs: 

Stay updated with the latest current affairs, especially in the fields of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. This can help you answer questions related to current events.


  • Upgrading your English language abilities: 

The ISI exam tests your English language skills as well. Make sure you improve your vocabulary and grammar by reading English newspapers, books, and magazines.


  • Stay Motivated: 

Preparing for the ISI exam can be challenging, and it’s essential to stay motivated throughout the process. Set little goals for yourself and reward yourself when you reach them. Don’t let setbacks discourage you; instead, keep working towards your goal.



Preparing for the ISI exam can be a daunting task. However, following the tips and tricks mentioned above can increase your chances of cracking the exam. Joining ISI preparation classes, practicing online ISI preparation mock test, and solving previous year’s question papers can give you an added advantage. Also, remember to stay motivated, stay focused, and keep working towards your goal. Good luck with your preparation!

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