NEST 2024 Cutoff: Dates, Exam Pattern and Category Wise Cutoff

NEST 2024 Cutoff: Dates, Exam Pattern and Category Wise Cutoff

Are you preparing for NEST 2024? How are your preparations going? Are you worried about cutoffs for NEST 2024? With only one month remaining, it is important you are motivated and aren’t confused about anything. This blog will definitely help you clear your doubts regarding cutoff marks and help you gain confidence in your preparations. We will discuss what the cutoffs for this year can be and suggest some preparation strategies accordingly. 

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • NEST 2024 Important Dates
  • NEST 2024 Exam Pattern
  • NEST 2024 Cutoffs
  • NEST 2024 Preparation Strategies

NEST 2024 Important Dates:

The important dates for the NEST 2024 have been disclosed on the NISER official website:

Events Timeline
NEST exam application opens (online) 03.04.2024
NEST exam application closes (online) 03.06.2024
Correction and Update Window To be updated soon
Download the NEST exam admit card  15.06.2024
Date of NEST Examination 30.06.2024
Date of NEST Result Announcement  10.07.2024

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NEST 2024 Exam Pattern:

Each section will have a total of 20 questions. The multiple choice questions are single-option correct with the following marking scheme:

  • for a correct answer, you will be rewarded with +3 marks 
  • for an incorrect answer, a -1 mark will be deducted 
  • For unattempted questions, zero marks will be given.

It is in the interest of the candidate to attempt all sections. The merit list for both institutes will be prepared using the best three scores out of the four sections, and the section with the worst score will not be considered. That is, scores out of 180 marks will be considered for preparing the merit list. The language of the paper will be English and Hindi.

NEST 2024 Cutoff:

The category-wise cutoff for the NEST 2024 depends on many factors, such as the number of applicants, the number of candidates appearing for the exam, the number of seats in NISER and CEBS, and the difficulty level of NEST 2024. The cutoffs for NEST 2024 expected by our experts using previous years’ records of NEST cutoffs are given below:

General 80-90 85-95
EWS 80-90 75-85
OBC 70-80 75-85
SC 50-60 55-65
ST 30-40 35-45

Remember that this is an expected cutoff based on the data for the NEST 2023.

NEST 2024 Preparation Strategies:

The NEST exam is more difficult than JEE Mains but easier than JEE Advanced. With only 1 month left for the exam, you must gear up your preparations. You can follow the following strategy:

  • Know your syllabus. You must know at least all the topics in your syllabus. Sometimes, very basic questions come from topics you can easily tackle if you have read them once. You can get study materials and notes on important topics for each section from here.
  • Free Study Material: Check out the free study materials in the SciAstra app. We have PDFs that explain the important stuff in an easy way. The cool thing is that our predictions are up to 98% accurate! Sometimes, the questions we predict even show up word-for-word. We’ve had questions repeated in the actual exams, especially in Physics. In one NEST session, more than 50 marks came from what we taught in our mock tests and classrooms. Take advantage of NEST 2024’s essential chapters. And guess what? You can also find papers from previous years for NEST and IAT in the free study materials section of the SciAstra app.
  • Mock Test Analysis: Analyzing your mock tests is one of the most crucial aspects of your preparation. Simply taking tests and solving practice problems isn’t enough; you must learn from them. The insights and strategies are available as free resources in the SciAstra app to help you on your journey. 
  • Problem Practice: Don’t just focus on theory; regularly practice solving questions. This will help you apply your knowledge and ensure you’re on the right track. Create a diary where you can record errors in mock tests and while solving PYQs
  • Time Management: Do not waste your time on unnecessary things. Study, eat, exercise, sleep, talk to family and friends, and return to study. These last few days are crucial to you and can land you in your dream college if used wisely.
  • Revision: The last important point is revision. Under whatever conditions, remember to revise. If you revise it, you will remember whatever you studied for the whole year. Without it, your year-long effort might go to waste.

For the NEST 2024 examination, we have Rs.1 course where you can see your weakness and strength. We also have Vikram and Vikram 2.0 crash courses, which will boost your preparation and give you the confidence to shine bright in the examination.


The NEST 2024 is a golden opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers in basic sciences. SciAstra can help you prepare well in 1 month through crash courses and mock tests. You must work hard and with focus and determination, you can easily clear all cutoffs and get your desired rank to get admission to your dream college. 

However, NEST 2024 is not the only option if you are interested in basic science. You can also appear for the IAT 2024, which is easier than NEST 2024 and is an entrance exam to institutes like IISERs, IISc and IIT Madras (4-year BS in medical sciences and Engineering).


Ques: What are the courses offered in NISER?

Ans: NISER offers various courses in physics, chemistry, maths, planetary and earth science, biology and humanities. Check out this blog to learn more about courses offered by NISER.

Ques: What is UM-DAE-CBS?

Ans: University of Mumbai – Department of Atomic Energy Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences (UM-DAE CEBS) is a university in Mumbai funded by DAE. Check out this blog to learn in-depth about CEBS.

Ques: How should I prepare for NEST 2024?

Ans: A thorough understanding of the NEST syllabus is essential. Regular practice through mock tests and previous years’ question papers helps master time management and improve accuracy. SciAstra offers courses that help you prepare for NEST, IAT and other exams. Click here to know more. 

Q: What if I can’t afford the Vikram 2.0 course?

A: We understand financial constraints. Explore our free resources on the app and consider our budget-friendly options.

About us:

SciAstra is a team of scientists and research scholars from the top research institutes around the world like Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, and so on. Our vision is to promote critical thinking and scientific temperament by helping students in their careers in science. 

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