Forensic Science: Institutes, courses, exams

Forensic Science: Institutes, Courses & Exams

Introduction: Forensic science, often glamorized by crime television series, plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system. This multidisciplinary field combines science and technology to investigate and solve crimes, bringing justice to victims and ensuring the guilty are held accountable. In India, the importance of forensic science has grown significantly over the years, resulting …

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How to Do Research in Biotechnology?

Conducting biotechnology research is not only exciting but also essential for advancing scientific knowledge and developing practical applications. Biotechnology has transformed how we approach challenges in healthcare, agriculture, environmental conservation, and more. It’s a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector that offers numerous opportunities for individuals passionate about harnessing the power of biology and technology to …

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IAT 2024


Do you want to become a researcher? Do you want to become a Scientist? Do you dream of studying in India’s topmost colleges? If you wish to have all of these, then look no further. IAT 2024 is the golden opportunity for all of this.  No need to read so many blogs, websites, watching many …

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