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Olympiad examinations are the backbone of any competitive exam. Though it is for classes 1 to 10, it gives a competitive edge and promotes learning in the same subjects taught in class. These exams help assess students’ knowledge and identify their strengths and weaknesses. These Olympiads are conducted at national levels as well as international levels. Cracking these Olympiads is a matter of great prestige and adds value to the resume of the candidate.

But, how many of you reading this article know about the eight different Olympiads conducted in India? If you want to know more about it, read till the end! 

ICO-International Computer Olympiads:

The world is turning digital, and thus to prepare young minds for the future world, ICO has become the need of the hour.

For today’s tech-savvy generation and computers being the talk of the town, the International Computer Olympiad (ICO) is one of the most interesting exams to make computer learning fun and effective. Students from Class 1 to Class 10 can participate in this Olympiad. International Computer Olympiad is also known as the Cyber Olympiad, Informatics Olympiad, and Digital Olympiad.

The best part is that Amrita University, Chennai Mathematical Institute, IIIT Delhi, IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Gandhinagar, and other top colleges offers direct admission to selected students.


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ISO-International Science Olympiad:

ISO is a competitive exam conducted at the global level, which renders the young talent a platform where they can test their skills and improve themselves in the field of Science. It conducts exams for classes 1 to 10, keeping in mind the school syllabus, and contains topic-wise MCQ questions. While preparing for the exam, students learn scientific facts that make them understand concepts clearly. The questions are based upon applied Science, as the name suggests, and covers topics of physics, chemistry, and biology. The questions are objective type, and there is no negative marking. However, questions are trickier and more conceptual. 

IMO-International Maths Olympiad:

We all have an idea that mathematics is a scoring subject and requires students to master concepts. To excel in mathematics, you need more and more practice. International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is such a platform where students are prepared to understand the basics. International Talent Olympiad (ITO) conducts the IMO exam for classes 1 to 10. It maps to the CBSE, ICSE, and other State Board curricula. Students preparing for it develop good calculative abilities, and this Olympiad makes it an enjoyable experience for students to deal with numbers, patterns, measurements, shapes, geometry, and much more. 

EIO- English International Olympiad:

English International Olympiad aims to improve English spelling, grammar, and sentence structure and master students’ language skills. English is a vast subject and is a never-ending process. It always has a scope for improvement. The main purpose of the English Olympiad exam is to improve the student’s skills by making them familiar with the basic concepts. Both spoken and written skills are equally important. It makes the students confident and builds their communication skills. Students from classes 1 to 10 take part in this exam across different schools and test their level of knowledge of the English language. It assists them in being proficient in the field of English.

GKIO- General Knowledge International Olympiad:

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts the General Knowledge Olympiad for classes 1 to 10, which tests the students’ knowledge of their surroundings, current affairs, events, sports, politics, geography, etc. It enhances one’s GK and makes one more familiar with the world. Students develop a lot of intelligence, which helps them to score well in other competitive exams that test on these topics. To prepare for it, candidates need to read the newspaper every day and know about the current happenings. The questions are fun to learn, and you have an idea about everything happening around you. This Olympiad exam ensures holistic development in every student and is one of the modern exams that has witnessed great demand.

NSSO-National Social Studies Olympiad:

As the name suggests, National Social Studies Olympiad tests the students’ knowledge of History, Geography, and Civics. The syllabus for this Olympiad is according to the respective classes and includes the base of all the boards. Social Studies is a subject that promotes humanities. The purpose of this examination is to help young children make informed decisions in their growing years. It aims to make children good citizens of society. They are taught the functioning of the society, including constitutional laws, rights and duties, morals and ethics, and a code of conduct, making them aware of the responsibilities in their lives. It gives opportunities to develop attitudes, skills, and knowledge and learn the fundamental concepts of culture and politics. Because of the critical thinking skills, students may become more confident and be good orators in the future. Apart from academic importance, this exam ensures to bring changes in children’s lives.   

NESO-National Essay Olympiad:

Writing a good essay is an art. To achieve this superpower, one needs to master the English language, have an excellent sentence structure, and have decent vocabulary power. National Essay Olympiad is for those students who have all of these traits in them. This Olympiad helps you be more creative and differs from mainstream subjects such as Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge, English, or Computers. Your art of storytelling enhances and tests your language skills. Essays are given on-spot depending on the grade level. Generally, the topics are current affairs or our surroundings. It ensures building excellent writing capabilities from a young age. Importance is given to impeccable grammar and the all-over presentation of the given topic. You may refer to authentic books to develop such excellent writing skills. The NESO gives a break from the routine academic subjects to know your creative writing skills.

IDO-International Drawing Olympiad:

ITO believes students must focus on soft skills such as drawing, painting, sketching, etc., apart from excelling in academics. Many students possess exceptional drawing skills, and the International Drawing Olympiad helps nurture these talents. This exam helps bring out the hidden talent in schools through Drawing Competition and is conducted for Classes 1 to 10. This exam is a platform where students showcase their interest and aptitude for art. Students are tested on the ability to draw and express their creativity, choice of topics, the message conveyed, and attractiveness.

Preparation Tips and Concluding Thoughts:

Olympiads are a bridge to your success and build the foundation of your competitive career, other than curriculum. When you are preparing for Olympiads, make sure to go through the syllabus thoroughly and understand the format of the question paper, including the marking scheme, etc. Cover the school curriculum in advance, prepare notes, and do the extensive practice. Practicing logical reasoning and analytical questions will give you a grip over the exam. Attempt as many MCQs as possible. Registrations of these Olympiad examinations happen in schools, so make sure to contact the concerned teacher beforehand. The digital way is the new way of studying. You can attempt any online sample papers to get to know how much you are prepared. Attempt all the questions and ace your exam!

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