What are IISERs famous for

What are IISERs Famous For?

Are you a recent high school graduate thinking about college? If you are a student who loves science and wants to pursue a career in research and innovation. You’re in the right place!  Imagine a world where your journey into science is not just a classroom experience but a hands-on adventure from day one. Welcome to the incredible world of the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISER). These institutions are renowned for their groundbreaking research, and some of their exceptional professors have made significant contributions to missions like Chandrayaan, India’s lunar exploration endeavour. Join us as we explore the extraordinary world of IISERs, where your dreams of a scientific career can become a reality.

What are IISERs?

IISER stands for Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. It is renowned for its exceptional contributions to science and education in India. This network of institutions has been a key player in nurturing young talents, conducting groundbreaking research, and promoting innovation.

These are seven institutes of national importance that were established by the Government of India to promote excellence in science education and research. The seven IISERs are located in Kolkata, Pune, Mohali, Bhopal, Thiruvananthapuram, Tirupati, and Berhampur.

It offers two types of degree programs: a five-year dual degree BS-MS program, Int.MSc-PhD and a PhD program. The BS-MS program is designed for students who have completed their 12th standard with science subjects. It integrates teaching and research from the first year itself and exposes students to various fields of science such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, earth sciences, etc. The PhD program is for students who have completed their master’s degree in any branch of science or engineering and want to pursue original research in their chosen area of specialization.

If you’re looking for guidance on the difficulty level of securing admission to IISER, you must refer to this: IISER Preference Order during Application.

How to Get Into IISERs?

If you want to join IISERs, you have to pass a big test. The test can be JEE Advanced, or the IISER Aptitude Test (IAT)

The IAT is designed to assess your scientific aptitude, and it’s known for being less challenging compared to the JEE Advanced. It’s more focused on testing your understanding of science and mathematics concepts rather than having an overwhelming number of tricky questions. It’s a good choice for those who love science, prefer less stress, and seek a fair opportunity. JEE, on the other hand, is highly competitive and tests a wide range of subjects.

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Why Choose IISER for Your Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree?

There are many good reasons to pick IISER:

  • JEE hopefuls enter IITs to gain knowledge, while students from IISERs/NISERs join IITs to share their wisdom as faculties. These individuals often possess a wider viewpoint and a practical style of learning, which they carry with them when they decide to advance their studies or embark on careers in teaching and research at IITs.
  • Study Different Things: At IISERs, you can learn about many different types of science, helping you choose what you like.
  • Do Research Early: You’ll start doing scientific research while still a student, which is not common at other schools. In other institutes, you will learn the theory, but here, you will get a chance to practically apply the theory
  • Great Teachers: IISERs has amazing teachers who are experts in science.
  • Modern Facilities: The schools have all the latest equipment for science studies.
  • Meet the World: IISERs works with schools all over the world, so you can learn and work with students from other countries.

Why are IISERs famous in the Field of Education?

IISERs are famous for many reasons. Here are some of them:

1. Groundbreaking Research at IISERs-

  • IISERs is famous for its pioneering research across various domains. IISERs students have the opportunity to engage in research from an early stage, fostering a spirit of inquiry. Their faculty and students have made remarkable contributions to Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics.

2. Quality Faculty-

  • IISERs provide a unique opportunity for students to learn and do science from the best faculty and facilities in the country. 
  • The faculty members of IISERs are highly qualified and experienced researchers who have obtained their degrees from reputed institutions in India or abroad. 
  • Renowned scholars and experts from diverse fields teach at IISERs, providing students with an enriching learning experience.

3. World-Class Infrastructure-

  • The institutes are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that aid in the learning and research processes.
  • The facilities at IISERs include well-equipped laboratories, libraries, classrooms, hostels, sports complexes, auditoriums, etc. that provide a conducive environment for learning and research.

4. Innovative Curriculum-

  • IISERs offers a dynamic curriculum that focuses on holistic development and encourages students to think critically. 
  • IISERs foster a culture of curiosity and creativity among students and encourage them to explore their interests and passions in science. 
  • The curriculum at IISERs is flexible and interdisciplinary, allowing students to choose their courses and projects according to their preferences and goals.
  • The students also get exposure to various scientific activities such as seminars, workshops, symposia, summer schools, internships, etc. that enhance their knowledge and skills. 
  • The students also get opportunities to interact with eminent scientists from India and abroad who visit IISERs as guest lecturers or collaborators.

5. Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship-

IISERs is famous for nurturing an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship. They achieve this through:

  • Incubation Centers: IISERs has incubation centres that support budding entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into viable businesses.
  • Start-Up Initiatives: They actively encourage students and researchers to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, driving economic growth.
  • Technology Transfer: IISERs facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge to the industry, creating a bridge between academia and the business world.

6. Career Opportunities-

  • IISERs produce excellent graduates who pursue diverse careers in science and beyond.
  • The graduates of IISERs are highly sought after by top universities and research institutes in India and abroad for higher studies or jobs. 
  • Many of them get admitted to prestigious institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, etc. or get awarded prestigious fellowships such as Fulbright, Rhodes, Gates-Cambridge, etc. 
  • For more information regarding IISERs placement, click here.

What is special about IISERs?

1. IISER’s Contribution to the Scientific Community-

IISERs play a crucial role in the scientific community. They are known for:

  • Conferences and Seminars: IISERs hosts national and international conferences, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Research Publications: Faculty and students regularly publish their research in esteemed journals, contributing to the global pool of knowledge.
  • Collaborations: IISERs collaborates with leading research institutions and industries, promoting innovation and real-world applications.

2. Awards and Recognitions-

IISERs has received numerous awards and recognitions for their contributions to education and research. Some of these include:

  • National Awards: IISERs faculty and students have been honoured with prestigious national awards.
  • International Accolades: Their research has been recognized globally through international accolades.
  • Top Rankings: IISERs consistently ranks high in national and international educational and research rankings.

3. Notable Contributions-

Some of the professors from IISERs have played important roles in the Chandrayaan mission, either as scientists, advisors, or collaborators. Here are some examples:

  • Dr. Sujan Kumar Saha, a professor of physics at IISERs Kolkata, was involved in the development of the Chandrayaan-2 Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer instrument, which is one of the payloads on board the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter.
  • Dr. Anil Bhardwaj, a professor of space physics at IISERs Thiruvananthapuram, was the lead scientist of the Chandrayaan-2 Atmospheric Composition Explorer instrument, which is another payload on board the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter.
  • Dr. Soumyajit Mandal, a professor of earth sciences at IISERs Pune, was a co-investigator of the IIRS (Imaging Infra-Red Spectrometer) instrument, which is also a payload on board the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter. 


IISERs are a dream destination for students who want to pursue science as a way of life. If you’re finishing 12th grade and love science, IISERs might be perfect for you. It offers a world-class education and research experience that prepares students for excellence in science and beyond. If you are one of those students who want to join IISERs, then you should check out the admission process and eligibility criteria on our video IAT 2024 Exam- IISc & IISER Admission- Eligibility. You can also find more information about IISERs on our YouTube channel. Your journey to becoming a scientist starts at IISERs. So, don’t wait! Join IISERs and start your exciting journey toward a scientific career. The world of IISERs is ready for you. 

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