Abhijeet Satani

Abhijeet Satani: Neuro Genius -Inventor of EEG Device

From facing the challenges of autism to inventing the groundbreaking ‘Cognitively Operated System (COS),’ a wireless EEG device, a technology that seems like something out of a science fiction story -Abhijeet Satani.

@Abhijeet Satani, a visionary in the field of Brain-Computer Interface, has shattered boundaries and turned things we can only imagine into patents, research and tech that is being used in treatments and operation theaters. 

He may come across as Cyborg with implants in his body but trust us, he’s not. Through his experiments like The Orgasm Project, Brain on Yagna, he has defied various stereotypes by taking a scientific approach to them.

Abhijeet Satani’s adventure into the mysteries of the human brain spans over a decade but it all began with an unusual childhood. From being autistic to being homeschooled – Abhijeet Satani traversed it all and taught himself subjects that were advanced for his age because there was no one to tell him that he could not.. This path led him to ask questions and file patents in his early teens.

His eager observations and foresight led him to foresee possible complications springing up from invasive brain surgeries. That led to him inventing the groundbreaking ‘Cognitively Operated System (COS),’ a wireless EEG device

This tech that lies at the intersection of Neuroscience and Technology presents real-time mind data to surgeons during tricky surgeries, offering vital insights into brain activity. The real-time feedback empowers surgeons and gets rid of the need for repeated trials. Satani’s patent for this invention spans throughout the USA, Europe, China, and India.

The genius doesn’t stop there. With his extremely good technology communication skills, he has published books to his name. Through his book, ‘A Simple Approach to Neuroscience,’ Abhijeet Satani simplifies the intricate world of brain science, making it accessible to a wide range of readers. 

In ‘How to Write a Research Paper,’ he empowers young scientists by demystifying the rules of empirical studies and guiding them on the path to publishing academic papers, a crucial milestone in their careers.

Abhijeet Satani’s work in a niche field like Brain Computer Interface is proof that this generation is not the one that’s glued to their phones and creating reels – that’s the wrong description for it. 

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