Abhishek Dubey

Abhishek Dubey: Founder of Muskaan Dreams (NGO)

This is a story of an engineer turned educator whose runs muskaan dreams ngo and changing the way we think about education by transforming 1000 government schools into digital hubs by using animated NCERT syllabus.

@Abhishek Dubey, the visionary behind Muskaan Dreams, a nonprofit organization, has embarked on a mission to infuse technology and fun into classrooms, making learning an exciting journey for countless underprivileged students.

At Muskaan Dreams, Abhishek Dubey and his team are deeply committed to providing digital infrastructure and internet connectivity to children in India. Together, they aim to bridge the digital divide and make quality education accessible to all. 

Curious to learn how? Keep reading until the end.

Abhishek Dubey grew up in a farming family in rural Gwalior. It was during his college years that he discovered his passion for educating underprivileged children, an initiative that could shape the future of many kids. This mission to provide quality education to those in need soon became his life’s mission. .

After graduating in computer science engineering in 2016, Abhishek decided to dedicate himself to educating children. This decision didn’t sit well with his family, especially his father, a government officer. His family had doubts, but he persisted. Over time, his father came to understand and support his work.

In 2017, with the aim to improve education in government schools and reduce dropouts, Abhishek founded Muskaan Dreams starting with girls’ education. They partnered with government schools, provided electronic devices, teacher training, and engaging videos for subjects like Science and Math.

One of their secret weapons was the “tic-tac” learning module, which transformed ordinary subjects into animated videos aligned with the NCERT syllabus. A chapter on nutrients and food, for instance, became an engaging animated story, helping students retain information effectively.

This is followed by teacher training and 1-1 feedback and support to teachers to ensure the adoption of technology in teaching practices.

Abhishek focused on training teachers and supporting schools. He didn’t charge any fees from the students; instead, Muskaan Dreams relied on funds from CSR activities and corporate collaborations. Partners like @Amazon India, @LinkedIn, @ONGC, and @Hindustan Zinc joined in to support the cause.

His dream doesn’t stop there. He plans to expand to Karnataka schools and reach one million students by 2025. 

In a world where education opens doors, Abhishek Dubey’s Muskaan Dreams is making sure those doors open for India’s underprivileged children using technology, fun, and unwavering dedication.

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