Amar Bose

Amar Bose: Founder of Bose Corporation

Did you know that an Indian Scientist invented the world’s first Noise Cancellation Headphones? Today, almost everyone enjoys the benefits of noise-cancellation earphones, but when you think about devices that make music sound better, you cannot just skip Bose Professionals right away!

This is the story of Amar Bose, a pioneering professor, entrepreneur and visionary scientist who inspired thousands of students at Cambridge’s @Massachusetts Institute of Technology through his teachings, and millions of people around the world through his inventions. 

Born to a freedom fighter from Bengal, he had a deep love for electronics from a young age. When his family fled to America in 1920 to avoid British imprisonment, he used his electronics skills to help support them. 

During World War II, he started fixing radios, and his small repair business eventually became one of the biggest in Philadelphia. But he didn’t stop at repairs; he wanted to design radios and devices himself.

To learn, he attended MIT for electronics engineering. Although he knew electronics, he had to work hard to catch up on calculus to keep up with MIT’s demands. 

After completing his PhD at MIT, Amar Bose decided to reward himself with a new stereo system. However, he was disappointed by its sound quality. 

While teaching at MIT, he started doing research and collecting patents. He realized that most speakers directed sound straight at the listener, but in concert halls, most of the sound bounced off walls and ceilings before reaching the audience’s ears.

Encouraged by his mentor at MIT, YW Lee, Bose founded his own company in 1964. They initially worked on power-regulating systems for military jets, which funded their research. 

In 1966, they released their first product, the 2201 speaker. One of his most significant inventions was noise-canceling earphones. 

The first noise-canceling headphones took $50 million and more than a decade of work, and some in the company wanted to shut down the research. The technology not only led to the successful Quiet Comfort line of consumer noise-canceling headphones, but a highly successful line for professional pilots, and even headsets for NFL coaches.

Bose headphones are worn today by professional pilots and have been worn by space shuttle astronauts. Its car audio systems have been factory-installed in luxury brands such as Maserati and Maybach.

Throughout his life, Amar Bose aimed to inspire innovation and research.

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