Bhaskar Halami: Senior Scientist in the US

Bhaskar Halami: Senior Scientist in the US

From struggling to get one square meal as a child in a remote village in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli, to becoming a senior scientist in the US. Bhaskar Halami story proves that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. It shows that no matter where you start, education and perseverance can lead to incredible achievements. 

He was the first science graduate from Chirchadi and the first from the village to earn a Master’s degree and PhD.

Bhaskar Halami grew up in Chirchadi village, surrounded by tribal communities in Kurkheda tehsil. In his early years, his family faced hardships, struggling for even one meal a day. They relied on unconventional food sources like mahua flowers and wild rice to survive, much like many families in the village.

Things changed when Halami’s father found work at a school in Kasansur tehsil, over 100 km away. Halami attended school there and later studied at Government Vidyaniketan Kelapur in Yavatmal. His father understood the value of education and ensured that he and his siblings completed their studies.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree from a college in Gadchiroli, Halami got his Masters in chemistry degree from the Institute of Science in Nagpur. In 2003, Halami was appointed as an assistant professor in the prestigious Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT) in Nagpur.

Though he cleared the Maharashtra Public Service Commission exam, his passion for research led him to pursue a PhD in the United States, focusing on DNA and RNA. Today, as a top researcher, he receives frequent inquiries from recruiters impressed by his work in the field of DNA/RNA.

Now, Bhaskar Halami is dedicated to research at Sirnamics Inc, a biopharmaceutical company located in Maryland, US. He serves as a senior scientist in the development block, focusing on genetic medicine research. The company specializes in RNA creation and synthesis, exploring innovative avenues in the field.

During his trips to India, Halami visits schools, ashram schools, colleges and even meets students at his house to counsel them about careers and ways to achieve their goals.

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