IAT 2024 Cutoff Marks for IISER, IISc, & IIT-Madras

IAT 2024 Cutoff Marks for IISER, IISc and IIT-Madras

Are you concerned about your  IAT 2024 exam and the cutoff marks for admission to famous institutes such as IISER, IISc, and IIT-Madras in 2024? As you are aware, admission to these colleges is not simple but not as tough as IITs, but you must perform well in the IAT exam to meet the cutoff scores set by each institute. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the IAT 2024 cutoff marks for IISER, IISc, and IIT-Madras.

IAT 2023 Cutoff Analysis:

To get a sense of what it takes to secure a seat in these esteemed institutions, let’s first examine the cutoff marks for the previous year, 2023.

  • IISc Bangalore: The closing rank for IISc Bangalore was an impressive AIR 17. This means that if you aspire to be a part of IISc Bangalore, you need to aim for a rank within the top 15. The competition here is undeniably fierce.
  • IIT Madras: For IIT Madras, the closing rank was above 200 marks. This implies that you must score 200 or above to stand a chance of admission. Achieving this score is no small feat and requires rigorous preparation.
  • IISERs (Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research): The cutoffs for IISERs vary by rank. For instance, IISER Pune had a closing rank of 175 in the first round, 441 in the second round, and 451 in the third round. On the other hand, IISER Kolkata had a closing rank of 401 in the first round, 841 in the second round, and 883 in the third round. These numbers indicate the increasing competition for admission. 

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Here’s a quick breakdown of the required scores for 2023:

  • IISc Bangalore: Even scoring 215 marks won’t guarantee admission, showing how fierce the competition is.
  • IISER Pune: Aim for a score between 155 to 160 marks out of 240.
  • IIT Madras: You must score 200 marks or above out of 240.

The Challenge for JEE and NEET Students:

The IAT poses a significant challenge for students who have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as core subjects and Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) as core subjects.

If you choose to attend only three sections out of the four, you’ll be limited to a maximum of 180 marks. Unfortunately, more is needed to secure admission to IISER Pune, IIT Madras, or IISc Bangalore. In other words, attending only three sections greatly reduces your chances of admission to these prestigious institutions.

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The High Rising Competition:

The number of students appearing for the IAT has been on the rise. In 2022, approximately 22,000 students took the exam, while in 2023, an astonishing 44,000 students registered, with 34,000 appearing for the test. This surge in participation is largely due to the growing recognition of the quality of education offered at IISc Bangalore, IIT Madras, and IISERs.

The increasing number of students suggests that people these days are not just sticking to the mob mentality and choosing popular careers like medicine and engineering or taking exams like JEE or NEET. Instead, there is a growing interest in exploring other options, particularly in institutions like IISER, IISc, and IIT Madras. More students are taking exams like IAT and NEST, and they’re now choosing careers in research and innovation.

How to Prepare for IAT 2024?

With this growing interest of people and rising competition, you must be well-prepared to tackle the IAT in 2024. If you have 5-6 months left before the exam, consider the following strategies:

  • JEE Students (PCM Core Subjects): If you’re a JEE student, focus on strengthening your biology knowledge. Dedicating time to subjects outside of your core subjects can significantly improve your chances of success.
  • NEET Students (PCB Core Subjects): For NEET students, invest time in honing your mathematical skills. Scoring well in subjects beyond your core can make a substantial difference in your overall score.

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Best Resources for IAT:

As you embark on your IAT 2024 journey, SciAstra offers valuable resources to aid your preparation. They provide free mock tests for IAT as well as NEST (National Entrance Screening Test). You can access more than 20 free mock tests on the SciAstra app, allowing you to assess your preparation level. Additionally, SciAstra has launched all-in-one books specifically designed for IAT and NEST, offering comprehensive study materials to enhance your chances of success.


In conclusion, securing admission to IISc, IISER, or IIT-Madras is an ambitious goal. The competition is fierce, and the cutoff marks are high. However, with dedicated preparation and the right resources, you can increase your chances of success. It’s essential to understand the cutoff marks from the previous year and develop a strategic plan to excel in the upcoming IAT in 2024.

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