IAT 2024: Marks V/S Rank Data

IAT 2024: Marks V/S Rank Data

Are you an IISER aspirant? Have you not started your preparation for IAT 2024 yet? You must be wondering if it is too late to start the preparation today. To be honest, it is a little late now. But you must not give up your hopes. You can still start your preparation today and ace the exam. Several SciAstra students have just taken months for the IAT and were still able to get into top IISERs.

One of our students was hospitalized for 8 to 9 months and was not able to study anything. But he enrolled in our course for a couple of months, and he managed to crack IAT and land into IISER Mohali. Use this as a motivation and start preparing for IAT starting today. Download the SciAstra app to boost your preparation.

Rank And Marks Analysis:

Just for the IISER, IITM and IISc aspirants, SciAstra conducted a survey and obtained data from 2000 students. We put a lot of effort into generating this data. This data contains an analysis of what rank is required to get into a particular college and what marks you must score in the IAT to secure your admission.

In IAT 2023, the following were the closing ranks in the IAT Merit list for General categories. 

Institute Opening Rank Closing Rank
IISC Bangalore (Only one round  was conducted) 17 (Male), 41 (Female)
IIT Madras 10 110
IISER Pune 175 717
IISER Kolkata 403 1801
IISER Bhopal 435
IISER Mohali 439
IISER Tirupati 446
IISER Berhampur 495

Following is the table estimating the minimum marks that were required for securing admission to respective colleges:

Institute Target Score (General Category)
IISC Bangalore 215+
IIT Madras 200+
IISER Pune 160+
IISER Kolkata 130+
IISER Bhopal 120+
IISER Mohali 125+
IISER Tirupati 116+
IISER Berhampur 110+

Remember: This data is from 2023 and is based on forms filled by IAT 2023 aspirants. Slight variations are possible in 2024. Click here to check the cut-off for IAT 2023.

Here, we have mentioned the statistics for the general categories. The data for other categories are also available. These data and analyses are available for free on the SciAstra app. Download our application now.

Click here to learn in detail the exam pattern of IAT.

You Must Start Your Preparation Today-

It is necessary that you start your preparation today. Below is the strategy that SciAstra suggests:

  • If you are a JEE student or a NEET aspirant, you can still crack the IAT 2024 exam with 3 – 4 months preparation. But it’s essential for you to understand its pattern. 
  • Have you taken a mock test yet? Download the SciAstra app and assess your current standing. The SciAstra mock tests help you determine your strengths and weaknesses, which is crucial for strategic preparation.
  • Don’t neglect previous year’s papers: Familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and question types. Practice under timed conditions to build confidence and endurance.
  • Master the core: While JEE/NEET prep offers a strong foundation, remember that IAT emphasizes different concepts. Focus on areas like sets, relations, functions, and biomolecules if you’re a PCM student. Bio students, should also start focussing on the mathematics section
  • Time management is key: Practice allocating time effectively across sections. Optimize your approach by analyzing mock test results.
  • Embrace the power of SciAstra: Our VIKRAM 2.0 course offers year-long material, including live classes, doubt-clearing sessions, and mock tests. At this time, Vikram 2.0 course is best for IAT preparation as it is specially designed for IAT and NEST. The mentors provided in this course are from IISER and NISER itself who knows about the exam very well.

P.S. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on the SciAstra app and our Telegram channel. Shoot us your queries, and we will help you with everything.


You might be worried that it is too late to start IAT preparation. Don’t let this be an excuse to not prepare at all. You must start your preparation today. In this blog, we have mentioned the data that tells you how many marks you should target. Also, we have mentioned the strategy that you should follow.


  1. What if I’m from a category other than General?

Don’t worry; SciAstra has the data for you! Download the app and access detailed analysis for all categories.

  1. I’m weak in a particular section. What should I do?

Our courses and materials are designed to address individual weaknesses. Identify your weak points and utilize targeted resources to strengthen them.

  1. What if I can’t afford the Vikram 2.0 course?

We understand financial constraints. Explore our free resources on the app and consider our budget-friendly options.

  1. How can I stay motivated throughout my preparation?

Connect with our supportive community on the SciAstra app and Telegram channel. Find inspiration from success stories and share your own challenges.

  1. What should I do on the day of the exam?

Stay calm, focused, and confident. Remember all your hard work and trust your preparation.

About us: 

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