Prasad Phadke

Prasad Phadke: Eliminating Vector Borne Diseases

He invented smokeless and biodegradable innovation to kill mosquitoes to help India fight dengue. This is the story of Prasad Phadke.

In the summer of 2017, this man embarked on a life-changing journey by leaving his lucrative corporate job. Together with a team of scientists and collaborators, he began a mission to combat mosquito-borne diseases by reducing mosquito populations.

This is the story of @Prasad Phadke, who dedicated himself to this vital cause and led the way in the fight against these relentless disease vectors.

Their inspiration came during a visit to a San Francisco restaurant, where they noticed an abundance of mosquitoes. Recent West Nile virus cases in the area underscored the ongoing threat of mosquito-borne diseases. Despite advances in science and technology, the problem persisted. 

To address this challenge, they sought a sustainable way to reduce mosquito populations, particularly in tropical regions where the problem was most severe. 

Recognizing a gap in the market, they set out to innovate and create a biodegradable device to disrupt mosquito breeding.

Two years of hard work yielded the EBT—a population reduction device that not only disrupts mosquito breeding but also prevents diseases like dengue and malaria. 

BioTraps in the EBT attract female mosquitoes by mimicking ideal breeding sites, and a patented waterproofing technology combined with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) solution eliminates female mosquitoes and their larvae.

With the support of the @ICICI Foundation and the BMC’s Insecticide Department, the team conducted an eight-month study in Dharavi, deploying 3,000 EBTs monthly in three key areas, protecting 10,000 households and 80,000 people. 

With over 22 years of leadership experience, Prasad boasts a stellar track record in building and scaling global brands across the Asia Pacific and North American regions. His impressive career includes transformative roles at industry giants such as @3Dlabs, @Autodesk, @NVIDIA, and @Hewlett Packard

Prasad’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. @The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industries (FICCI) has bestowed upon him a prestigious award in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the Media & Entertainment – AVGC Industry. Additionally, CMO Asia has honored him as one of the 100 most influential national leaders in the field of marketing.

Prasad Phadke’s journey is a testament to courage and innovation. The @Eco BioTrap stands as a beacon of hope, disrupting the cycle of mosquito-borne diseases and offering a healthier future to communities in need.

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