Admission Criteria for IISERs: IAT Test Marks and JEE (Advanced) Rank Requirements

Admission Criteria for IISERs: IAT Test Marks and JEE (Advanced) Rank Requirements

IISERs are a group of seven institutes that offer two types of degree programs: a five-year dual degree BS-MS program, Int.MSc-PhD and a PhD program. They are located in Kolkata, Pune, Mohali, Bhopal, Thiruvananthapuram, Tirupati, and Berhampur. IAT or IISERs are known for their high-quality research and teaching, and their graduates are highly sought after by academia and industry. For more details about these IISERs, refer to our blog: What are IISERs Famous For?

Wanna know how can you get admission in one of the seven IISERs in India? What is the admission criteria or what marks are required in the IISER aptitude test (IAT) and what rank in the JEE (Advanced) is good enough? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and give you some tips to prepare for the IISER admission.

Admission Channels: Explore Your Options

There are two pathways to IISERs: the IISER Aptitude Test (IAT) Channel and the Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) Channel. Each channel has its own eligibility criteria and cutoffs, carefully determined by the Joint Action Committee of IISERs each year. Let’s explore both channels:

1. IISER Aptitude Test (IAT) Channel-

  • The IISER aptitude test, a gateway to IISERs, IIT-M, and IISc Bangalore, is your golden ticket. 
  • Held annually in June, the computer-based IAT assesses knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology based on the class 11 and 12 syllabus. 
  • Eligibility: To apply, candidates must have passed the class 12 Science stream exam in 2023 or 2022 with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PWD). Additionally, candidates must meet board-specific cutoff percentages set by IISERs.
  • Duration: The duration of the test is 3 hours, and the total marks are 180. 
  • The IAT channel is open to all candidates, regardless of JEE Advanced qualification. The difficulty level of IAT is comparable to that of JEE (Advanced). Wanna know which one is easier to crack? Read our blog: IAT vs JEE, which is Easier?

Cutoff Marks-

  • The IAT cutoffs are the minimum marks required to qualify for the counselling and seat allotment process. 
  • To get admission into IISERs, remember that the specific marks required can vary from year to year and across different IISERs. These institutes are known for setting high standards, and your performance in the aptitude test plays a pivotal role.
  • The IAT cutoffs are different for each IISER and each category of candidates.Wanna know IAT category wise cutoff marks for IISERs: click here. 
  • The IAT cutoffs are decided by IISERs after the declaration of the test results, based on the number of applicants, the difficulty level of the test, and the availability of seats.
  • Wanna know last year IAT 2023 cutoff marks for IISERs, click here. You can also visit our blog: IAT 2023 Cutoff Marks.
IISERs 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
IISER Pune 175 441 451
IISER Kolkata 401 841 883

These numbers indicate the increasing competition for admission. The best advice? Aim high! For getting admission into one of the best IISER that is IISER Pune in 2024, you must aim for a score between 155 to 160 marks out of 240.

Are you concerned about your  IAT 2024 exam and the cutoff marks for admission to famous institutes such as IISER? Click here.

Tips: Aim high! For admission to IISER Pune in 2024, aim for a score between 155 to 160 out of 240.

2. Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) Channel-

  • IISER stands as a highly esteemed institution and is among the colleges participating in JEE Advanced 2023. It provides an excellent opportunity for candidates who may not have qualified for the premier IITs in India. 
  • Now, let’s talk about the JEE (Advanced) rank, another crucial aspect of your journey to the IISERs. These institutes often consider JEE (Advanced) ranks to shortlist candidates.

Rank Requirements-

  • A “good enough” rank generally means securing a position within the top percentile.
  • This channel is for those who have qualified in the JEE (Advanced) in 2024 and have a rank within 15000 in the common rank list or in the respective category rank lists. 
  • You do not have to appear for IAT if you apply through this channel. 

The rank list for JEE (Advanced) will be prepared based on the aggregate marks obtained by the candidates in Paper 1 and Paper 2. The aggregate marks will be calculated as the sum of the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The maximum marks in JEE (Advanced) will be 372.

These cutoff marks indicate the minimum scores or ranks you need to qualify for admission to any of the seven IISERS in India. It’s important to know that authorities will announce the IISER 2023 cutoffs separately for candidates applying through different admission channels.

The difficulty level of JEE (Advanced) is higher than that of JEE (Main) or IAT. However, this is only an approximation and the actual rank may vary depending on the performance of other candidates.

Achieving admission to IISER Pune is within reach if you secure a rank below 6,000. For other IISERs, targeting a rank below 10,000, and ideally below 9,000, significantly enhances your chances of securing a spot. If you score well above the IISER Cutoff for JEE Advanced 2023, you’ll be eligible for the exciting counselling and seat allotment rounds. So, keep up the good work, and best of luck in your journey to IISER! Keep pushing towards these goals, and you’ll be on the path to success!

You can apply through any one or two channels, provided you satisfy the overall eligibility criteria and the specific eligibility criteria for those channels.

The best advice? 

To do well, focus on your preparation. Learn the test format, understand the concepts, and give it your best effort. Wanna know more about how to prepare for IAT 2024 and some effective strategies, visit our blog: IISER Aptitude test 2024 – (Preparation, strategy). If you want best resources for IISER, click here.


The IISERs are not just institutions; they are hubs of innovation and discovery. So, what marks do you need in the IISER aptitude test? What JEE (Advanced) rank is good enough? The answer lies in your strong commitment and your willingness to push boundaries. The journey may be challenging, but it’s also immensely rewarding. So just believe in your potential, and remember that each challenge is an opportunity to grow.

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