How To Manage Board Exams With Entrance Exams?

How to Manage Board Exams along with other Entrance Exams?

Many students have their board exam approaching. Pre-boards are also around the corner. At this time, students who are preparing for entrance exams like IAT, NEST, JEE, NEET, etc. get tensed and confused. Should you focus on your entrance exam? Or should you focus on your boards? This confusion is common, and in this blog, SciAstra will clear your confusion once and for all.

What should you prioritize?

The key is to question yourself what you should prioritize and when?

The boards are comparatively easier than the entrance exams. Also, you must score just 75% in boards to be eligible for entrance exams (and 60% for IAT & NEST). And your real goal is to get into your dream college. Hence, the entrance exam is more important. So, it is obvious that you should give importance to the entrance exam. Hence, throughout the year, give priority to the preparation for the entrance exam.

But Pre-Boards start in January, and the board season starts. This comes with a lot of tension and pressure on students. At this time, you need to understand that the board is also necessary. After all, you won’t be able to do anything if you do not qualify for boards. Hence, it is the perfect time to start giving priority to the board exam. Hence, start preparing for the board exam.

Treat Pre-Boards As Mock Tests:

Remember, we tell you to practice mock tests for every entrance exam. These mock tests help you with the exam pattern and prepare you for the final exam.

Pre-boards are also like mock tests for boards. Do not underestimate them. Keep them the most priority.

Follow the following:-

  • Prepare for Pre-Boards as actual boards
  • If you score less in Pre-Boards, do not be sad or lose hope. In fact analyze your mistakes and fix them
  • Check what you did wrong in the pre-board and revisit the concepts in which you committed mistakes

Remember that the board exam contains subjective questions-

Most entrance exams ask objective questions. On the other hand, the questions on boards are subjective. Hence, you must practice answer-writing and develop skills in writing good answers.

For this, follow the following strategy:

  • Practice Previous Year Questions. Sit for 3 hours and solve the Previous year question papers for each subject
  • Solve the question papers from at least past five years
  • Chapter-wise PYQs are also available. You can solve them as well
  • Check the type of questions asked and practice writing answers for these questions

Do not forget the additional subjects-

In the entrance exams, you only need to answer questions from specific science and math subjects. But for boards, you have additional language and optional subjects. Do not forget those subjects. Students mostly neglect them throughout the year. Hence, it is necessary to prepare those subjects as well.

Do not forget the entrance exams at all-

Keep some time for the preparation of entrance exams all. If you are studying for boards 6 hours per day, try to give 1 or 2 hours or at least 30 minutes to prepare for the entrance exam. 

Do not panic-

Do not panic about Boards. Remember, boards are easy. You can do it. Believe in yourself. If you are confused or stressed, you can communicate with us using our Telegram channel.


  • Throughout the year, prioritize entrance exam preparation as your primary goal.
  • During pre-board and board exam season, shift your focus to boards, but don’t neglect entrance exams entirely.
  • All exams have similar syllabus which is same as boards. So preparing for boards exams will also help in your entrance exams.
  • Treat pre-boards like mock tests, analyze mistakes, and improve.
  • Practice writing subjective answers through past year board papers.
  • Don’t forget additional subjects in your board exams.
  • Dedicate at least 30 minutes to entrance exam preparation, even during board season.
  • Stay calm and confident; you can manage both.


1. How much time should I spend on boards vs. entrance exams during pre-board season?

Aim for 6 hours on boards and 1-2 hours on entrance exams, adjusting based on your individual needs.

2.Should I take pre-boards seriously?

Absolutely! They’re essential mock tests for identifying weaknesses and improving your board strategies.

3.How can I practice writing good answers for boards?

Solve past year board papers under timed conditions and focus on presenting your knowledge clearly and concisely.

4.What if I neglect additional subjects for boards?

You risk losing valuable marks, so dedicate some time to revising them.

5.How can I avoid neglecting entrance exam preparation during board season?

Schedule consistent, focused sessions, even if they’re short, to maintain momentum and prevent gaps in your understanding.

6.What should I do if I feel stressed or overwhelmed?

Take breaks, exercise, talk to friends or family, and consider joining a support group for students managing similar challenges.

7.Where can I find more resources and support for managing both boards and entrance exams?

SciAstra offer guidance, mock tests, and study materials along with community forums for connecting with other students.

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