Career Options in Chemistry

Best Career Options in Chemistry

Are you fascinated by the fineness of chemical reactions, their magic, the composition of matter, and the role of elements in our daily lives? If your interest lies in understanding the molecular world and its applications, a career in chemistry might be the perfect fit for you. Chemistry offers a wide range of opportunities in not only chemistry but also interrelated fields like biology, material science, and earth sciences. In this blog, delve into the diverse and exciting career options available in India and abroad.

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • How is Chemistry as a Career?
  • What are the career options in India?
  • What are the career options abroad?
  • Important Skills Required

How is Chemistry as a Career?

Chemistry, a central science, has been instrumental in shaping our world, from pharmaceutical discoveries to material science advancements. In the modern era, chemistry is linked to various disciplines, such as biology, medicine, environmental science, and engineering, creating many career opportunities. 

In India, students with a strong background in chemistry are desired in sectors like pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, environmental sciences, food and beverage, and materials research. Abroad, chemists find opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, environmental consulting firms, and more. A solid foundation in chemistry opens doors to careers ranging from research to applied sciences and interdisciplinary fields.

What are the Career Options in India?

India offers a plethora of career options for individuals with a degree in chemistry. Here are some popular choices:

Research Scientist-

You can engage in amazing research projects at prestigious institutions like CSIR labs, IISc, IITs, NCL, IISERs, NISER and others. You can specialize in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and various interdisciplinary fields. Whether in experimental or theoretical work, a research scientist can expect a starting salary of Rs. 60,000 per month.

Chemical Engineer-

Chemical engineering is a popular field in India. IITs and NITs are quite reputed for their chemical engineering programs. Here, opportunities exist in both public and private sectors, with roles ranging from process engineering to product development. Starting salaries for chemical engineers typically range from Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs annually and increase with skills and experience.


If you enjoy teaching, you can have a promising career in chemistry as a university professor. You can also conduct your research while taking classes of students. Top institutes like IITs, IISc, NITs, IISERs and central universities offer attractive starting salaries of around Rs. 7 lakhs. 


With the booming pharmaceutical industry in India, becoming a pharmacist or pharmaceutical scientist is an attractive option. Here, roles include drug development, quality control, and regulatory affairs. Your starting salary could be around Rs. 5 to 6 Lakhs.

Environmental Consultant-

The concern for the environment and the need for its conservation are increasing day by day. Addressing environmental challenges by working as an environmental consultant is a wonderful opportunity for environmental chemists. You will be analysing pollutants, assessing environmental impact, and suggesting solutions. Salaries can vary, with starting figures around Rs. 5 lakhs per annum.

Forensic Expert-

You can use your chemistry and biology knowledge and experience in forensics and solve crime cases. This will be an adventurous job requiring you to be an expert in many fields like biology, anatomy and chemistry. You can expect a salary to start from Rs.3 lakhs. Check out this blog to learn more about forensic sciences.

Best Colleges-

Institutes like IISc, IITs, NITs, IISERs, NISER and NCL offer prestigious programs for undergraduate students. Exams like JEE, IAT, NEST, or NEET are some popular exams you must prepare to get into these colleges. You can refer to Sciastra for proper guidance and study materials required for these exams.

What are the Career Options Abroad?

If you are an adventure lover and don’t want to limit yourself to India, there are many foreign institutes where you can also find good jobs. In this section, we will talk about them:

Research Chemist-

You can contribute to cutting-edge research in renowned laboratories and institutions worldwide. Countries like US, UK, France, Canada, Germany, etc, have top universities where you can join as a chemist. You can earn around $80,000 (approximately Rs. 64 lakhs) per annum depending on your expertise and location.


You can join a foreign university or research institute as a professor, enjoying better working conditions and salaries compared to those in India. You will also be able to do your own research alongside. And depending on the country and your expertise, you can earn a salary starting from around $70,000 (Rs. 56 lakhs) per annum.

Pharmaceutical Researcher-

Join international pharmaceutical companies or research institutions as a pharmaceutical researcher. Contribute to drug discovery and development, with salaries starting from $100,000 (Rs. 80 lakhs) per annum.

Agriculture Scientist-

You will work with farmers and agricultural companies to observe crops and livestock production. You will be using your understanding of chemistry to analyze the makeup of the chemicals used in agriculture or with livestock and the soil where crops grow. You can earn around $53,600 (around Rs.46 lakhs).

Chemical Engineer-

You can explore opportunities in engineering fields abroad, working as a chemical engineer, materials scientist, or petroleum engineer. You can help create products for various industries, such as cleaning products, clothing dyes, fertilizers and petrochemicals. Your starting salary can be around $90,000 (Rs. 72 lakhs) per annum. 

Important Skills Required:

To excel in a chemistry career, it is advantageous to develop specific essential skills. There are a significant number of opportunities in chemistry, but it is not an easy job. You must work hard to achieve your dream job. For that, there are a few general set of essential skills you require in any field you want to go into: 

  • Analytical Thinking: Analyze complex chemical phenomena, data, and experiments, demonstrating strong problem-solving skills.
  • Laboratory Techniques: Master various laboratory techniques and safety protocols for hands-on experiments.
  • Mathematical Proficiency: A solid foundation in mathematics is essential for theoretical work and data analysis.
  • Communication: Clearly convey complex chemical concepts in written and verbal forms, especially when presenting research findings.
  • Attention to Detail: Precision and accuracy are critical in chemical work, as small errors can have significant consequences.
  • Collaboration: Build networks by attending conferences, workshops, and seminars and thus connecting with professionals in the field.


Chemistry offers diverse rewarding career options, ranging from research to applied sciences. Whether you pursue theoretical studies or apply chemistry principles to industry, a career in chemistry promises continuous learning and the chance to contribute to scientific advancements. Success in this field requires hard work, dedication, and developing relevant skills. Remember, in this journey, hard work, patience and consistency are keys to success.

If you are interested in doing research in India, check out this blog to know how you can become a scientist in India.


Q: What are the best colleges in India for chemistry?

A: Top institutes like IISc, IITs, NCL, IISERs, and central universities are renowned for their chemistry programs.

Q: What exams should I clear for a career in chemistry?

A: Exams such as JEE Advanced, IAT, NEST and NEET are popular for admission to esteemed chemistry institutes in India.

Q: Is programming necessary for a career in chemistry?

A: Proficiency in programming, especially for data analysis and simulations, can enhance career prospects in chemistry. It is always better to have a basic knowledge of MATLAB and Python.

Q: How to prepare for IAT or NEST?

A: Whether you are a dropper or a regular student, you must cover various dimensions of your preparation like completing syllabus, revision, practicing and what not. And for this you need an excellent mentor. SciAstra can prove to be your best friend in your journey to your dream colleges. Join our courses at minimum cost to secure a seat in top institutes like IISc and IISERs.

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