What are the job opportunities offered after IISER?

What are the job opportunities offered after IISER?

Are you an IISER student? Or are you a person aspiring to join IISER? Either way, you must be concerned about knowing the job opportunities after IISER. Generally, students think that IISER students can only do research after graduation and can not take a high-paying job. But this is not true. IISER also opens avenues for different high-paying jobs. In fact, few of the IISERs, including IISER Berhampur, have recently established Placement cells. In this article, we will mention in detail all the job opportunities after IISER.

Is IISER Made For Industrial Jobs?

IISER stands for Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, a group of prestigious institutions known for their focus on integrated undergraduate science education and cutting-edge research. They offer unique 5-year BS-MS programs in diverse fields like physics, biology, chemistry, and even economics, emphasising both classroom learning and hands-on research experience. Click here to learn more about IISER and their integrated BS-MS program.

As you can guess, the 5-Year Integrated BS-MS program is focused on developing a research mindset. In fact, most of the students who join IISER are driven by the desire to conduct research throughout their lives. Hence, after graduation, most students opt for a PhD both in India and abroad. But everyone is not the same. Mant IISER students want to take up an industrial job rather than do a PhD. Keeping this in mind, many IISERs have established their own placement cells, which help students find a perfect industrial job for them.

How To Join IISER?

Dreaming of joining an IISER? The IISER Aptitude Test (IAT) is your chance! This is a computer-based exam held annually and offers a gateway to the prestigious BS-MS Dual Degree program at IISERs across India. IAT tests your aptitude in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics (15 questions each) based on the Class 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus. With 3 hours to answer 60 MCQs (4 marks each for a correct answer, -1 for a wrong one), it’s a test of both knowledge and speed. If you want to prepare for the IAT, click here to browse SciAstra courses. We offer the best course for IAT preparation and have many selections in top IISERs, NISER, IISc, etc.

What Are Different Job Opportunities After IISER?

Although IISERs are research-focused and students generally choose to go for PhD rather than industrial jobs, it is possible to secure high-paying industrial jobs after completing your BS-MS program. Following are the details of such jobs and how you can prepare yourself to get recruited for such jobs.

Industry (Research & Development):

  • An IISER student can join the R&D departments of private companies or government research organisations.
  • Recruiters in these sectors are Bharat Biotech, Serum Institute, etc.
  • You can join as lab technicians or scientific officers
  • Preparation-
    • Focus on research during BS-MS and participate in summer research projects in relevant industries.
    • Publish research papers in reputed journals.
    • Develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Network with researchers in your field of interest.

Industry (Sales/Management):

  • You can join sales or marketing teams in industries related to your scientific background.
  • Consider MBA or business-related courses for career advancement.
  • Preparation-
    • Develop strong communication, business acumen, and leadership skills.
    • Network with professionals in sales and management roles.
    • Highlight your research experience and its applicability to the industry.

Scientific Communicator:

  • Scientific writing is a great responsibility that science enthusiasts like IISER students can take up. Scientific writing is meant to communicate science in an easy-to-understand language to the general population and motivate them to take up a career in science.
  • Being a Science Communicator, you can work as an editor/writer for scientific journals, magazines, or publishing houses.
  • You can also become a freelance science writer or communicator.
  • These days, a lot of YouTube channels that post science explainer videos are becoming popular
  • Preparation-
    • Earn a Ph.D. in your scientific field.
    • Take courses or workshops on scientific writing and communication.
    • Build a portfolio of writing samples relevant to your target audience.

Coaching Classes:

  • IISER students should be greatly favoured by coaching institutes. This is because they have unparalleled knowledge of their subject, and hence, they can easily explain complicated topics to students
  • You can join SciAstra, Physics Wallah, Unacademy and other coaching institutes as their faculty
  • Preparation-
    • Possess in-depth knowledge of the subjects you plan to teach.
    • Develop strong communication and teaching skills.
    • Stay updated on the latest educational trends and methodologies.

Legal Advisor/Patent Officer/Grant Writer:

  • How To Be an ALegal Advisor?
    • Pursue an MBA or Masters in Law to specialise in science-related legal issues.
    • Gain experience working in a law firm or legal department of a scientific organisation.
  • How To Be A Patent Officer?
    • Take a law course on patent filings and intellectual property rights.
    • Consider working in a patent law firm or as a patent agent.
  • How To Be A Grant Writer?
    • Earn a Ph.D. in your field of research.
    • Develop strong writing and communication skills.
    • Gain experience writing grant proposals for research projects.

You Can Start Your Own Start-Up:

  • If you are someone who has entrepreneurship skills, you can also start your own start-up.
  • Some examples of start-ups started by Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research and NISER students are Jigyansa, SciAstra, etc.

Government Services:

  • IISER students can also apply for positions in scientific ministries, research organisations, or public sector undertakings.
  • Prepare for civil service exams like IAS, IPS, etc.
  • Preparation-
    • Stay updated on current government policies and initiatives.
    • Develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Prepare well for the specific exam you are targeting.


So, although people think that research is the only option after IISER, it is not true. Students have a lot of options to choose from. Still, research is the most beneficial path and also the most chosen one. Different job options after IISER exist in varied sectors, including coaching, science communication, industrial research, etc. Read the article to know all of the options in detail.


  1. Besides research, what other high-paying job opportunities are available after IISER?

Several high-paying options in various sectors, including industry R&D, sales/management, scientific writing, coaching, legal fields, entrepreneurship, and government services.

  1. What are some specific companies that recruit IISER graduates for R&D roles?

Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute are examples, but many other companies across diverse fields like pharmaceuticals, energy, and IT hire Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research graduates. Researching companies in your area of interest is recommended.

  1. How can I prepare for a career in industry R&D after IISER?

Focus on research during your BS-MS, participate in industry summer projects, publish papers, develop analytical and problem-solving skills, and network with researchers in your field.

  1. What are some alternative career paths for someone who doesn’t want to pursue a PhD after IISER?

There are many fulfilling options like scientific writing, coaching, legal fields, entrepreneurship, and government services. Explore each path to see what aligns with your skills and interests.

  1. What are the specific skills needed for a career in scientific writing after IISER?

A PhD in your field, courses on scientific writing, and a strong portfolio of relevant writing samples are crucial. Excellent communication and storytelling skills are also essential.

  1. Can IISER graduates directly join coaching institutes like Physics Wallah or Unacademy?

Yes, Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research graduates with deep subject knowledge, strong communication and teaching skills, and an understanding of current educational trends can be great assets for coaching institutes.

  1. What are some tips for preparing for government service exams like IAS or IPS after IISER?

Stay updated on current affairs, develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and diligently prepare for the specific exam you are targeting. Consider seeking guidance from experienced mentors or coaching programs.

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