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What is the standard of questions in IAT (IISER Aptitude Test)?

Are you preparing for the IAT 2024? Are you wondering how difficult the IAT is? With IISc accepting IAT, will the difficulty level of questions increase? With exams approaching, it is common to have such confusion. If you are an IISc or IISER aspirant and want to know the standard of questions asked in IAT, this blog will help you clear up your doubts. 

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • What is the level of the IAT exam as compared to JEE and NEET?
  • How difficult are the questions in IAT as compared to JEE and NEET?
  • How can you clear IAT with a good rank?

What is the Level of the IAT exam as compared to JEE and NEET?

IAT is an entrance exam to top Indian institutes like IISc, IIT Madras (for a 4-year BS program in medical sciences and engineering), and IISERs. Hence, you can expect the level to be decent enough with good conceptual questions. Unlike JEE-Mains or NEET, the main focus of the exam is to test conceptual understanding and analytical abilities. You can expect the exam to be more difficult than JEE Mains and NEET but very easy than NEST or JEE Advanced. You won’t get any intense numerical questions, unlike JEE.

However, with IISc entering the scene, the level of the test is expected to increase somewhat. The increasing complexity was not immediately apparent in IAT 2023. However, we anticipate the level to rise somewhat but remain below the NEST examination. 

How Difficult are the Questions in IAT as compared to JEE and NEET?

It is important to discuss the exam pattern before discussing the exam’s difficulty. The exam consists of 4 sections: physics, chemistry, maths, and biology. The presence of the extra section makes the exam easier for students, as the 4th section is optional but gives good results if one attempts it. If you are preparing for some other exam like JEE Advanced, IAT becomes much easier for you. Students from PCMB usually get advantage over students from PCM or PCB background.

Mathematics is generally straightforward, unlike JEE Advanced. The level of questions is generally of JEE Mains, and only a few questions require highly comprehensive and analytical skills. Some questions, usually from calculus, require specific tricks to solve. You can attempt maths sections even if you are a PCB student. There are some topics like statistics and trigonometry where you can get the answer only through the formula. You can join the SciAstra courses for better and smoother preparation, along with such useful tricks and tips to ace the IAT 2024.

Physics has theory-based questions and doesn’t require you to do lengthy calculations. Some questions are formula-based, while some involve a little thinking. Some trick-specific questions may also come, but they are quite rare. The level of physics questions in IAT is usually the same as in JEE Mains. Graph based questions are also naturally asked.

Chemistry questions are generally the highest scoring because they are straightforward and concept-based. Inorganic and organic chemistry questions are slightly more difficult than physical chemistry. If you are also preparing for JEE or NEET, you can do well enough in this section. At SciAstra, we teach our students various methodologies to solve questions efficiently and in less time. You can join our courses to enhance your preparation and ace the IAT 2024.

Biology is usually the easiest and least time-consuming. If you have read the topics carefully, you can finish the bio section within 15 to 30 minutes. Lecture notes and the study materials provided by SciAstra are more than enough to get good marks in IAT and NEET. A lot of sources claim NCERT to be sufficient for IAT. However, this is a complete fallacy. You can read NCERT once for theory but must have extra study material for more practice and understanding of difficult questions.

How can you clear the IAT with a good rank?

  • If you can do PYQs properly, you can easily attempt most of the paper, as the questions usually follow the same pattern. 
  • SciAstra’s mock tests are also of great use. Students who have attempted our mock tests regularly report that most questions in their IAT exam were similar to those in the mock tests.
  • Don’t forget to complete the whole syllabus. If you are from a PCM background, focus on completing PCM first and then read biology notes and some study materials. Sometimes, questions are straightforward, and you can easily attempt them if you have read the topic once. 
  • Give proper time to revision and problem practice. 
  • Attempt mock tests regularly and analyse them sincerely. SciAstra provides the best materials for IAT and other similar exams. 


The IAT exam is an aptitude test that is a little more difficult than the JEE Mains, if not the same. It is far easier than JEE Advanced. If you work consistently and improve your mistakes, you will eventually land in your dream college with a good rank. Devote time to self-study and revision. SciAstra can play a great role in mentoring and providing you with relevant and high-quality study material. Join our courses to get more information about IAT and preparation strategies.

If you are a dropper and doubt whether you can make it to IISc, check out this blog to clear up your confusion.


Ques: What is IISc?

Ans: IISc, Bangalore is one of the best institutes in India and the world for scientific research.     It stands for the Indian Institute of Science.

Ques: How should I prepare for exams in my partial drop?

Ans: Partial drop is more difficult than normal drop year. You must prioritise what is more important for you and set up a timetable accordingly. Your main focus should be on problem practice and revision. 

Ques: How to stay motivated throughout my preparation?

Ans: Connect with our supportive community on the SciAstra app and Telegram channel. Find inspiration from success stories and share your own challenges.

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