Can I Crack IAT with NEET Preparation?

Can I Crack IAT with NEET Preparation?

For students in the 12th grade focusing on PCB, the NEET exam is a primary target. However, some aspirants consider the IAT (Indian Institutes of Science Aptitude Test) as a backup plan. The question arises: Can the preparation for NEET also pave the way for success in IAT? This article aims to delve into this query and provide insights into whether NEET preparation is sufficient for cracking IISER Aptitude Test .

What is NEET?

NEET stands as the national-level entrance examination, administered by NTA, enabling admission to MBBS and BDS programs across India. Last year witnessed over 17 lakh candidates competing for approximately 80,000 medical seats. The three-hour exam comprises 180 multiple-choice questions across Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, with distinct sections for each.

What is IAT?

IAT serves as the gateway to five year integrated BS-MS programs in basic sciences at IISER – a chain of 7 premium research institute of India. This exam involves four sections – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, each with 15 multiple-choice questions. The total marks for IISER Aptitude Test  are 180, with a marking scheme of +3 for correct answers and -1 for incorrect ones.

Differences and Similarities-

NEET and IAT both emphasize Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, but with notable differences. IISER Aptitude Test  introduces Mathematics as a section, while NEET focuses on medical terminology and application-based questions. The complexity of questions in IISER Aptitude Test  is higher, demanding conceptual understanding and problem-solving abilities.

While both exams share common topics, the style and depth of questions differ. NEET questions are more straightforward and application-based, whereas IISER Aptitude Test  questions are often complex and multi-step, requiring analytical thinking.

NEET, with around 18 lakh participants, is highly competitive, whereas IISER Aptitude Test  sees a smaller pool of around 200,000 candidates. The competition for IISER Aptitude Test  seats is still significant, especially in sought-after programs at top institutes.

Can NEET Preparation Help in Cracking IAT?

Although NEET and IAT are distinct exams, their common syllabus provides a foundation that can be beneficial. The overlapping topics in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology offer a starting point. NEET builds a strong foundation in science, particularly in Biology, providing an advantage for IISER Aptitude Test  preparation.

NEET prepares candidates in time management and solving multiple-choice questions, skills that align with IISER Aptitude Test  requirements

But the difficulty level of IISER Aptitude Test  is far more than NEET. NEET asks straightforward questions whereas IAT asks questions that are complex problems that needs analytical thinking and conceptual clarity.

Hence, although NEET preparation can set a foundation for IISER Aptitude Test , it is not enough to crack IAT. SciAstra team has identifier the extra efforts that are needed for IAT. Please see below for the details:

Areas for Additional Preparation-

  1. Mathematics: IAT includes a Mathematics section, demanding mastery beyond NEET requirements. Although PCB students can skip the mathematics section, preparing key topics from mathematics will give you an edge over other students.
  2. Deeper Conceptual Understanding: While NEET focuses on application, IISER Aptitude Test  requires a more profound understanding of core scientific concepts. Hence, students must have conceptual clarity atleast of the key topics that are frequently covered in IAT
  3. IAT-specific Topics: Familiarize yourself with IISER Aptitude Test -specific topics and problem-solving approaches not covered in NEET.

Strategies For Cracking IAT With NEET Preparation?

IAT has an unique exam pattern when compared with NEET. Hence, it requires different strategy. SciAstra has come up with the following strategy that can help NEET students excel in IISER Aptitude Test :

  1. Take advantage of NEET preparation: NEET is very competitive exam. Hence, preparing for NEET helps you gain certain important skills that is required in every exam. These are time management, stress management, hard-working attitude, etc. These skills will help in IAT as well.
  2. Understand the unique exam pattern of IAT by solving mock-tests: IISER Aptitude Test  has an unique exam pattern. Solve the mock-tests on the SciAstra app to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern.
  3. Practice Key Topics: There are certain topics that are frequently covered in IISER Aptitude Test . You must have deeper conceptual clarity on those topics. You must practice IISER Aptitude Test  PYQs for the same. SciAstra provides solved PYQs of IAT as well as other exams. Download our app now!
  4. Enroll in SciAstra online courses: SciAstra’s online courses has helped many NEET students clear IISER Aptitude Test  and other competitive exams like NEST, CMI, ISI. Join SciAstra now.


While NEET preparation provides a solid foundation, cracking IISER Aptitude Test  requires additional efforts. Recognizing the strengths gained from NEET, candidates should strategically address IAT-specific requirements. Starting early, dedicating time to Mathematics, practicing IAT-style questions, and seeking guidance from experts are crucial steps.

By amalgamating NEET strengths and targeted IISER Aptitude Test  preparation, aspirants can unlock doors to promising careers in medical or research domains. Remember, with commitment, perseverance, and strategic planning, success in both NEET and IISER Aptitude Test  is achievable.


  • How to prepare specifically for IAT?

Take help from SciAstra. SciAstra is like your friend and mentor. Through our youtube channel and website, we do not just guide students about different exams, we also provide courses that can help you ace exams like NEST. Click here to know more.

  • Where can I get more information on IISER Aptitude Test  and other competitive exams?

SciAstra serves as a valuable hub for information and articles on various exams. Explore SciAstra’s courses for comprehensive preparation.

  • What is the difference between NEET and IAT?

NEET focuses on medical and dental programs, while IISER Aptitude Test  is for integrated PhD programs in basic sciences. NEET is highly competitive, whereas IAT sees comparatively fewer participants.

  • How does the exam pattern of NEET differ from IAT?

NEET is a three-hour exam with 180 MCQs in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. IAT includes Mathematics along with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, with a different question style and complexity.

  • Can NEET preparation assist in cracking IISER Aptitude Test  without additional effort?

While NEET preparation provides a foundation, additional effort is required for IAT, particularly in Mathematics and deeper conceptual understanding.

  • How should I prepare for both NEET and IISER Aptitude Test  simultaneously?

Focus on core concepts for NEET, and dedicate time to Mathematics and IAT-specific topics. Utilize resources, practice papers, and seek guidance from experts to strike a balance in preparation.

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